This is our new menu for April 2021

Week 1

Monday: Chicken a la king

Tuesday: Lighthouse Pasta

Wednesday: Fish, chips and veg

Thursday: Lasagne and salad

Friday: Toad in the hole, mash and veg

Week 2

Monday: Beef stew and rice

Tuesday: Chicken Pesto Pasta

Wednesday: Pizza (prepared by the children)

Thursday: Pork sausage pasta

Friday: Fish Fingers, chips and veg

Week 3

Monday: Chicken Curry and rice

Tuesday: Ham and potato soup

Wednesday: Meatloaf, new potatoes and veg

Thursday: Salmon Pasta

Friday: Pizza (prepared by the children)

Week 4

Monday: Fish pie

Tuesday: Spaghetti bolognese

Wednesday: Breaded chicken, wedges and corn

Thursday: Pulled pork buns and salad

Friday: Chilli and rice