Registration Fee: £30


This is a one off registration fee regardless of the service you use, and covers all sessions.  All children will get a Lighthouse Branded cap which they can keep when they leave.

Breakfast Club Session: £6.50 / day


Doors open at 7:30 am, breakfast is available until 8:30 am or when everyone is finished, whichever comes first.  Everyone is expected to help clear up both after eating and when it is time to go to school.


Approximately 8:40 am leave the hall to walk to the school for sign over around 8:45 am.

After School Session options:


On arrival children are given a snack of fresh fruit, crackers and cheese or yogurt amongst other options.

There are three options for after school care:

After School with snack: £6.50 / day

If you only require a short childcare cover, you can choose the option of collection from school and snack provided, with collection by 4 pm.

After School without dinner: £10.50 / day

If you only need childcare until 5pm or would prefer to give your child dinner at home then you can use our No Dinner Option which is collection any time between 4pm and 5pm.

After School with dinner: £16.00 / day

If you would like the full service, then select the with dinner option, which includes a home cooked dinner prepared on site each day and served at 5 pm.  Collection should be by 6pm



After School Activities include a range of games, craft activities as well as imaginative play items.  Movies are also available during free play times, in line with our movies & media policy.

Emergency Care: Surcharge of £2 / session

For those children who are not yet registered with us (registration fee not received), but require emergency before or after school cover, we add a surcharge to our session rate of £2 per session.

No more than 5 emergency covers allowed in each full term.  This makes a total of 15 in the academic year.  Please note this only applies to before and after school clubs.

Once 15 sessions have been attended and paid for then they will be treated as a registered child and rates will revert to normal rates.